Shiba - Serverless Slack ChatOps

Chat bots/integrations have been around since the IRC days. Now more known as ChatOps, these integrations have found a place in the DevOps world. Many organizations of all sizes have integrated chat integrations to aid in everyday tasks, such as deployments. With today’s trend of migrating applications to cloud and serverless, why should our chat bots and integrations be left behind?

Malwarebytes began to raise Shiba during the mid 2018’s to address growing pains and feature requests to a legacy chat integration. Shiba has since introduced a much more reliable integration as well as saving the organization loads in operation costs.

This talk will go over the following points:

Benefits of ChatOps Pains of traditional chat integration implementations How Shiba solves these pains Challenges/Limitations with serverless bots Shiba’s serverless architecture Featured functionality Maintaining and Developing for Shiba