Breaking Hero Behaviour With Systems Thinking

In a world where decibel management often wins out over the right thing, where fast results are demanded every day, and tech debt piles up unheeded, we are daily faced with the problem of being a hero. By saving the day, we avert disaster, win the contract, make the sale - but what else is going on deeper down, and why is it so common for us to not even realize we are choosing this path?

The truth of the matter is that hero behaviour is an events-level thing, we are responding to an immediate need of the here and now, and by nature not looking at anything outside of that scope. Being a hero once is often a necessity, but turning it into a pattern is something else - it is an addiction that actually slowly degrades the system we work in, and leads to things like burnout, ineffective teams, and organizational collapse.

We will look at how to identify hero behaviour and dig into why it is a pattern, and what you can do to change it.



Chris Trotter

Chris Trotter works at SportsEngine as a Platform Operations Engineer where he wrangles a variety of applications and helps people and teams work better together using the learning disciplines. A ...