Shortcuts and Scenic Routes - Deconstructing DevOps

We’ve all heard about the promise of DevOps, and the benefits of things like automation, microservices, containers and Cloud-native architecture. A lot of this is grounded in legitimate innovation and real-world success, but what about the struggles that often go along with it? It may not always be the case, but in our experience, change can be difficult, frustrating and challenging to the whole organization.

For every destination, we must decide, whether to take the scenic route or the shortcut. The scenic route gives us a great view of the waterfall and allows us to relax while we watch competitors pass us by. A shortcut gives us a way to throw quality and security out the window as we build up technical debt for our successors. How do we choose between these two extremes, or is there a better way?

Stages of DevOps (Dys)Function:

  1. Automate Everything.
  2. You build it, Your run it.
  3. One size fits all.

There are multiple ways to solve a problem. How can we deliver efficiently at scale across organizational groups? Automation was not the final frontier. These are the voyages of Enterprises like Genesys. Its five-year mission: transition from the days of lift and shift automation to embracing DevOps and microservices.

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Matthew Chum

Matthew is a software developer and recent university graduate, working on delivering microservices using common patterns and reusable techniques with a focus on immutable infrastructure, AWS, ...monti-ghai

Monti Ghai

Monti Ghai has been working in software development and delivery for over 15 years and started working in Cloud services and DevOps for the last 5 years at Genesys with a focus on CI/CD, monitoring, ...