DevOps for Startups

If you are in a small startups, or if you are an entrepreneur starting one, you are probably involved in many areas of business. From product development, to project management, to software design and development and finally to operations. So, you are already DevOpsing, right? Not necessarily. Just doing Dev & Ops together doesn’t necessarily result in DevOps.

A lot of startups struggle with implementing DevOps practices, mainly because most of them have been created from the point of view of a big company. If you are 3 person team doing form 0 to 100 of every task, DevOps should mean very differently to you in comparison to a team of 50-100 specialized in specific areas.

In this talk Amin describes why and how Startup can (and should) use DevOps principles, and why it’s even more important for a startup to use DevOps tools and principles from day 1. Instead of waiting to get big and experience the same issues that big companies experienced before they adopted DevOps, the startups can use DevOps as a competitive advantage. It’s like an investment that will have great return if done right. But be aware! DevOps done incorrectly can be fatal for Startups.