The Power of Mentors and Mentees

Developing an internship/apprentice program is hard. But we can’t hire senior engineers forever. At some point that pool will run out and if no junior folks are hired into the workforce, there will be no one left. To hire interns, apprentices, and “junior” engineers, companies must establish stable mentoring and growth paths for engineers to progress.

Just because someone volunteers to be a mentor does not mean they are an effective one. Just like any other skill, mentoring is a skill that must be learned, tested through experience, and tweaked. This talk will give some strategies on how to become a good mentor, having a successful mentor-mentee relationship, and embracing the advantage of hiring new, up and coming engineers into your team.




Alvin Huang

Alvin is a Release Engineer at HashiCorp. He and his team work to streamline the build and release process for tools you may use daily such as Vault, Terraform and Consul. He is passionate about ...