Workshop: Business Simulation “The Phoenix Project”

Audiences interested in learning about the “Three Ways” and the application of the C.A.L.M.S principles to the way they work together can explore basic DevOps concepts in the business simulation “The Phoenix Project” created by GamingWorks BV. It is loosely based on the story of the eponymous novel by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr an George Spafford. Like the characters in the book, participants work together to meet a big, hairy and audacious goal: Successfully finish the troubled “Phoenix Project” and turn around the bad financial situation of the fictional company “Parts Unlimited” within only 90 days.

Simulation participants assume different business and IT roles and are given assignments of increasing complexity. They have to identify and solve problems which are realistic and reflect typical problems that exist in our real work. So, while the topics addressed are absolutely serious and solving the assignments in a limited timeframe is demanding, one main goal is to have a lot of fun together while exploring important DevOps concepts in a safe and relaxed environment. These include: Understanding of the value stream, the value of visualization, improvement of the flow, feedback and continuous learning and experimentation.



Jochen Reinholdt

Jochen Reinholdt has worked in software development, IT ops and architecture roles for Gauss, Sun Microsystems and Oracle since the early 1990s. Today, he is the co-owner of sy:de consulting GmbH and ...