From Waterfall to Agile. Microsoft's Not-So-Easy Evolution into the World of DevOps

DevOps is the union of people, process and products that enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. This ability is vital in today’s world, but it’s not easy to do. Learn how Microsoft transformed their entire company from a waterfall-oriented business–delivering new versions once every 3 years–to delivering new features every 3 weeks, with multiple bug fixes and patches deploying daily. This journey wasn’t a smooth one. Nor was it an easy. But you can learn from our mistakes. See what we have identified as best practices and what worked for us in this exciting new DevOps world.



Abel Wang

Abel is a Principal Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate, specializing in DevOps working for the League Of Extraordinary Cloud Developer Advocates. Abel was born into a computer science family. His mom was a ...