Why Change Matters Now More Than Ever: The Importance of DevOps in this New World

None of us expected the world to be where it is today. Economies around the world are in shambles, our day to day lives have been fundamentally changed, the way we work - both externally and internally - has been flipped on its head, our governments are flailing to respond. Through crisis we’ve been forced to respond and adapt, whether we wanted to or not. For the last 10+ years, the DevOps community has been championing change in the way that IT works to deliver to applications to end users. Given this new world, how does our role as champions of change evolve, and what can we do to be more effective at helping our organizations change?



Michael Ducy

Michael is a “builder of OSS Communities”. He’s Cloud Native Transformation export at Red Hat since January this year. Before that he was with Sysdig as their Director of Community ...