Sarah Aslanifar

I was about 15 years old the first time I saw a computer, and I loved it! I joined a Math-focused track in high-school in Iran that’d prepare me for a Computer Science major in University. I came to the US at the age 18 and attended ISU, knowing very little English. I was admitted to their CS program shortly after I started my BS. I spent long days and nights at the computer lab until I was finally able to buy my own laptop before my graduation.

Over my fifteen year career as a software developer, I’ve served as a team lead in a Fortune 500 company, led teams globally as a consultant at ThoughtWorks, founded my own company, Tested Minds, lead a team at Morningstar to deliver CEO’s highest priority project, and currently lead teams as a Principal Consultant at Tandem ( My diverse roles have given me the chance to work with technical and business leaders with dozens of different styles. I love to share what I have learned with others!

Sarah Aslanifar at Chicago 2020