~~Legacy~~ Software

With the rapid pace of technology, it’s easy for anyone or any team to quickly fall behind the latest tech trends. However, falling years behind is a completely different story, and can feel like an insurmountable challenge to overcome knowing you can’t put your business on hold. In this presentation, Mike will cover cultural and technological issues that can hold a system/team/company behind. He will present ideas on how you can start incrementally adopting modern and healthy practices such as DevOps, automated testing, and upgrading to newer platforms. This is a safe space where we don’t need to feel ashamed, and Mike will use scenarios from an inherited ASP.NET WebForms system with no automated tests, time-consuming manual deployments, an out of control error log, and a shortage of developers willing to work on such a system.



Mike Cole

Mike Cole is a developer currently focusing on .NET working remotely from Cedar Falls, IA. He’s been around the proverbial block in the IT profession and has a wide array of experience in many fields. ...