Apply genetic engineering to your organizational culture

Leading Agile and DevOps during the past 3 years at Amdocs, 27,000 employees company, made me realize that in big and complex organization relatively small issues are often not quite easy to solve. I learnt that sometimes in order to solve complex problems we can look for solutions on other disciplines.

I understood that behavior is not a result of managerial instructions and not driven by the nice slogans written on the company walls. The hidden behavioral instructions that lays in every organization are actually the unspoken codes that dictates how decisions will be made, how new employees will be onboarded and how the communication will work. They determine if there will be room for innovation and continues improvements or not.

How can we treat hidden DNA code that lays in the behavior of every individual in the organization? That is how I came up with applying genetic engineering concepts to the organization DNA in order to change behavioral codes and by that change the entire company.



Liat Palace

Liat Palace is on a mission to transform Amdocs, the biggest telecommunication software provider. An organization with over 27,000 employees spread over 85 countries. Educated as a developer with more ...