Aligned autonomy: How clarity on outcomes gets us to self-organized teams that win

Product vision gives teams alignment:: something to long for and drive towards. And it also enables them to actually get there in a truly autonomous fashion. Once teams understand and align in the vision, they can self-organize to determine how to best achieve it. While product vision is long-term and lofty, it is also aligned and internally consistent. That means that it can be further divided into smaller, meaningful outcomes that help make that vision a reality. Teams then use their experience and expertise to define the steps that they will use to get achieve those outcomes. They can also establish objective measures of success for step of the way. It gives them aligned autonomy to decide how they will work while ensuring that the work is helping achieve the vision. As teams achieve the outcomes that they set for themselves, they gain a sense of ownership and pride for their wins. They will realize that they are making progress towards a meaningful shared vision. It allows them to pause and celebrate the win while giving them clear line of sight about how it contributes to the ultimate vision.



Julián Limón Núñez

Julián leads the Solutions team at Wizeline and is passionate about working with teams to build iterative products that help users and customers achieve business outcomes. He has worked in technology and consulting for over 15 years.