Chaos Engineering Bootcamp

Chaos engineering is the practice of conducting thoughtful, planned experiments designed to reveal weaknesses in our systems. This hands-on workshop will share how you can get started practicing Chaos Engineering. We will cover the tools and practices needed to implement Chaos Engineering in your organization. Even if you’re already using chaos engineering, you’ll learn to identify new ways to use chaos engineering within your engineering organization and discover how other companies are using chaos engineering—and the positive results they have had using chaos to create reliable distributed systems.

During this workshop, attendees will be broken up into teams of four, and each assigned a role that is critical to the Chaos Engineering Experiment process. Folks will work together as a team to plan and execute various Chaos Engineering experiments with the guidance of the speakers. The speakers will provide cloud infrastructure, a demo environment, chaos + monitoring tool access, and printed material to design experiments. The speakers will cover the foundations of chaos engineering, give folks time to have hands-on experience and then we will talk about how to break through on your practice and wins from the industry.

Location: Studio Movie Grill



Ana Margarita Medina

Ana Margarita is a Chaos Engineer at Gremlin in San Francisco, CA. Prior to Gremlin, she has worked at various-sized companies like Google, Uber, SFEFCU and Miami-based startup. She started her coding ...