Cutting the Cord: Letting Your Remote Team Run Free

Extreme Blue is IBM’s elite internship program. I was recently lucky enough to have my project proposal selected from hundreds of submissions to participate in the program. There was just one catch: my local Extreme Blue program had filled up and my project would be run out of the RTP lab, while I would be in Austin. The duration for the entire project was only 12 weeks, including on-boarding, development, and a week for final presentations and transition. While I am no stranger to working with remote teams, doing so on such an expedited project was going to be a challenge, especially with 4 new interns unfamiliar with the project or the organization. Using a mix of Agile and Design Thinking, I was able to cut the cord and allow my team to run free with the project.



Tommy Adams

Tommy has worked in IBM Systems for over 17 years and is currently the Tools and Automation Architect for all of Systems Assurance, including Power Cognitive, Z Systems, and Storage Solutions. His ...