Load Testing AWS Serverless Architectures with Serverless

Serverless architectures on AWS, involving services like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Cognito, Step Functions, API Gateway, bring instant scalability when built and configured in the correct way. We’ll look at how AWS Serverless architectures need to be treated differently to ensure optimal scalability and how Serverless tools (like Serverless Artillery) can be used to verify scalability.

Not only will we look at achieving scalability, we’ll also look at the tools and techniques to predict and limit the cost of scaling. To bring these topics to life we’ll look at the architecture of 2 live Serverless applications built on AWS for scale and discuss how they were architected, how costs were monitored and kept in line and how serverless load testing was used to verify scalability and catch edge cases.



Ben Ellerby

AWS Serverless Hero & VP of Engineering at Theodo, working with startups to launch MVP’s and large corporates to deliver in startup speed. Editor of Serverless Transformation (blog, podcast and ...