How Terraform Brought our Kubernetes Cluster Back From the Dead, Twice

Software is fragile. In spite of our best efforts, catastrophe can strike at anytime. At Savi Solutions we set out to build a video streaming platform with a disaster recovery plan that can survive even the worst scenarios. While the intention was never to become a disaster recovery case study, as fate would have it, we would become one, twice!

In this presentation I will cover the different strategies and lessons learned that enabled our kubernetes cluster to come back online in less than 15 minutes such as:

  • Using Terraform and git to manage infrastructure as code
  • Setting up a Kubernetes Cluster, Ingress Controller, Domains, and SSL Certs with Terraform
  • Reviewing and applying Terraform changes via your CI/CD pipeline
  • Sharing reusable Infrastructure Code with versioned Terraform Modules

By the end of this presentation you should have a better understanding of the tools available and strategies that can be applied to be better prepared for an unexpected catastrophe, should it come.



Jace Warren

Jace currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at Savi Solutions. He first fell in love with software development at the age of 14 when he taught himself how to write his first application. He ...