Ops Tooling and Retro Video Games

I made a tool called “emusaver” which enables save bundles of retro console video games to be shared nicely with other users, so that I can stream a retro game from the same save point as someone else in a different location. The tool is written in bash and python, and uses Amazon Web Services’ object store, AWS’ user management, python virtual environments, and coincidentally, the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Most of us get into computers for fun, and end up using them for work, so let’s bring it back to computing for pleasure.

I’d like to take the audience briefly through the architecture of the tool, talk about how I use it and set up the environment so my game-streaming cohost and I can both use it, and finally, a rallying cry to put our community’s ops knowledge to use for making game tooling with friends!



Rachel Kelly

Rachel is an infrastructure engineer in Portland working on provisioning the internet (kidding, sorta). While DevOps Days is a highlight of the year, she also works on SeaGL (Seattle GNU/Linux) on the ...