Workshop - Value Stream Mapping, The Lean Way to Systematic Analysis and Improvement of Work Processes

Value Stream Mapping (a well-worn technique from the Lean Movement) is a powerful way for us to examine how we do things in our IT shops and identify how and where we can put DevOps practices, principles and tools to the best use. In this Workshop, you will learn to use the basics of Value Stream Mapping. You will analyze one of your own Value Streams, understand its shortcomings, and identify how DevOps can help.

You will come away from the workshop with: An actionable understanding of how you can apply DevOps to improve a Value Stream, and A functional understanding of Value Stream Mapping that will enable you to analyze and improve any Value Stream.



Alan Koch

Alan S Koch is a consultant, speaker and writer on effective Project Management, software development, IT operations, and public speaking methods. His more than 40 years in Information Technology has ...