Delegating IaC Responsibilities to Devs (At Scale)

Delegating infrastructure-as-code responsibilites from operations to developers requires a lot of trust, as it is the quickest route to production. While this can be very effective for freeing up operations teams to higher order things, it needs to be done with confidence, without breaking things.

As applications and infrastructure move closer together, infrastructure as code has created programmatic ways to quickly spin up and manage infrastructure, but it for the most part, still has not offloaded these tasks from already drowning operations teams.

In this talk we will examine effective ways to confidently delegate IaC to developers at scale, with automation and stability baked in from the ground up, to drive greater autonomy and agility for developers when deploying applications.



Noaa Barki

Noaa is a full-stack developer, community manager, and tech writer who wishes to encourage developers to deepen the decisions we make during the development processes, research about the technologies ...