CAMS - Then and Now and the Path Forward

DevOps can be encompassed by these 4 categories of Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing. First put forward by John Willis and Damon Edwards in 2010 and I explore these ideas 10 years later to see if they still hold true. What changed? What did we learn? What’s next?

CAMS (Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing) has played a critical role in a successful DevOps culture since the advent of DevOps. However, what it means and how it is applied has changed significantly in ten years and its importance to the path forward out of this challenging era is paramount. Thomas will take us through a retrospective about what CAMS has meant in the past and what it means today to help pave the way for all those who participate in the DevOps ecosystem.



Thomas Krag

Originally a professional musician, Thomas Krag decided more than a decade ago to leave the music industry and transition into Systems Engineering. Through VikingOps, a DevOps consultancy company, he ...