Improving the onboarding of 150 DevOps Engineers in 3 dimensions at PostNL

PostNL set out to bring a huge part of their development in-house with a clear goal: hire 150 engineers. However, after onboarding the first engineers, we saw that we needed to become better at onboarding new engineers. Every team was struggling on their own and not sharing their learnings. So we wrote an in-house guide on improving the onboarding for a new DevOps Engineer drawing from everyone’s experiences. We want to share this guide focusing on three dimensions: technical, social, organizational. The talk is interesting for onboarding at any company size. It covers typical onboarding points, but puts them in a new light as well as adding additional insights.



Steffan Norberhuis

Steffan Norberhuis is a freelance Cloud & DevOps Consultant. In my approach, I combine technical and team consulting to help teams take leadership in achieving their goal. I work with Agile teams ...elke-salzmann

Elke Salzmann

As a starter and trainee within PostNL, Elke has the possibility to explore different teams and departments within the company. She has a critical mindset and likes to find processes that can be ...