Rethinking where Dev ends and Ops begins with WebAssembly

From the early days of developers throwing their trash… I mean… apps over the wall to the ops team to the current situation where developers now have to know extensive details about dependencies, operating system requirements, and running their applications, it has always been difficult for those on the devops side to do their job effectively.

Platform building and management is hard, but what if there were a set of tools that let developers focus on what they were good at and devops engineers focus on what they are good at? WebAssembly, and platforms like wasmCloud, can start to address these pains.

In this talk, we will start with a brief reminiscing of previous ways of managing applications and their dependencies and compare it to what wasmCloud enables for you. As part of this, we will give a basic overview of Wasm and wasmCloud, how it is used in server side computing, and what you can do with it as a platform engineer.


Brooks Townsend

Brooks Townsend is a Lead Software Engineer at Cosmonic, focusing on harnessing WebAssembly to alleviate the pains of modern software development. Brooks started his software development career with ...