Production-ready apps on AWS simplified

You may have a great idea for an app. However, getting an app into production can be just as big a challenge. There are tons of decisions to be made in order for an app to run smoothly and be ready to scale. There are plenty of options in the market each one with its own pros and cons. Today we are going to talk about AWS Solution. I plan to go through the pros and cons that I have encountered in using Amplify to give you another tool for your next project.

The talk focuses on the following sections:

  • What is AWS Amplify
  • How does it compare to similar services and what type of application works best for each one
  • Getting Amplify set up on your system
  • Explain Workflow from Dev -> Stage -> Prod as well as how to work in teams
  • How to create DataModel and graphQL API
  • How does that connect to the React Application


Martin Rojas

Martin Rojas is a Web Designer and Developer with 10+ years of development across multiple platforms. He has worked on many technologies, but for the past four years, he has been working mostly in the ...