From Continuous Profiling to Continuous Optimization

Progressive dev teams want their developers and engineers to take ownership of how their code impacts performance and costs - fundamental KPIs in today’s competitive market. While needing to assure application stability and improve performance metrics, cost reduction is also slowly becoming a requirement, putting immense pressure on teams. So achieving this will make any developer the hero of their organization!

This session will take us from theory to actual practice, demonstrating what continuous profiling is and how it helps us to understand and to optimize code performance even in the most complex production environments using the open-source gProfiler. The improved performance of your code directly reflects on compute costs and can be continuously optimiza. Through a real-life scenario, we’ll review how it autonomously optimizes application’s OS resource management from the kernel and runtime level, without requiring any R&D efforts or code changes, providing significant performance improvements and cost reductions to any workload.


Noam Salinger

Noam is a Product Manager at Granulate. Before joining Granulate, Noam held several developer positions in cutting-edge Israeli startups, and in 2019 shifted to product management. Noam is leading the ...