Where Monitoring meets the Plan: Value Stream and "The Second Way" (Amplify Feedback Loops)

In thinking about big issues we face in DevOps, too much focus is on Tech and not enough on Business. We see DevOps as continuous flow.

Looking where “monitor” meets “plan”, Rob finds he’s always been a fan of tracking and watching customer system activity. Think about how important the “2nd Use” of a feature is helps us validate when we’re building, deploying, and supporting something truly needed.

Customer activity tracking while the product is immature is key. Assuring adoption of our new features validates future investment (and laps) around the figure eight DevOps “Racetrack”!


Rob Gordick


Rob Gordick is an Agile Transformation Leader and Speaker with Brown & Brown Insurance, an S&P 500 company, providing risk management solutions to help protect what our customers value most.