Moving towards a DevOps culture with ensemble work

Culture is incredibly important for DevOps, probably more important than tools. It is also more difficult to enact.

In this talk we will share our experience of working with ensemble programming practices and how we worked to overcome the challenges we faced.

We’ll start with why we chose this approach to programming and how we ensemble in a fully remote team. Covering the good days and the bad, we will go into details on the challenges and difficulties we faced, and why many (most?) companies struggle to introduce ensemble work.

We will cover

  • Fostering a trust-based culture
  • Making room for diverse voices in the organization
  • Improving psychological safety through open and honest communication
  • Walking the talk - encouraging harmony between what we say and what we do
  • How ensemble work influences our hiring practices



Ewelina Wilkosz

Ewelina Wilkosz is a DevOps Engineer at Kosli, responsible for Customer Success and Developer Relations. She began her career in tech as a web developer before moving into software development and ...