The Role of GitOps in IT Strategy

What is the role of GitOps in IT strategy? This talk gives an overview and puts GitOps into the context of current challenges in IT strategy.

Main aspects are continuous delivery, policy as code, automated governance, compliant-by-default work environments, acceptable means of compliance and a comprehensive automation of all development and operations related processes with the goal of true hands-off operations.

The result places GitOps as a major building block of any modern IT strategy. GitOps helps building essential key IT capabilities. It creates the motivation to truly “fix the basics” via sustainable solutions to enable creating higher level automation solutions. With GitOps engineers can focus much more on business value and spend less effort on boring IT topics.



Schlomo Schapiro

Schlomo Schapiro is an Agile IT and Open Source enthusiast dedicated to advancing an agile mindset and a DevOps-orientated culture in IT. He works as Principal Engineer at Forto in Berlin, is author ...