Empower your Organization with a Tech Council

This talk is about moving engineers forward together. As organizations embrace the idea of autonomous teams, they sometimes find difficulty in steering the direction of technology across teams. How can an organization effectively balance alignment and autonomy? Ryler answers this question by providing an overview of the tech council concept - a way of anchoring technology alignment.

The role of a tech council is not to define technology direction but instead to empower diverse, independent teams to define and collaborate on a shared technology vision. The talk dives into the various enabling components of a tech council including practices to track the lifecycle of technology solutions, facilitate decisions around technology investments, and build consensus on architectural patterns. Check out this talk to learn how to promote long-term health and sustainability for your engineering organization.



Ryler Hockenbury


Software Development Director

Ryler currently works at Mastercard Data and Services as a Software Development Director. Over the past 10 years, he has led teams to build, operate, and modernize SaaS