Learning from your organization's latest incident: How We Got Here

For the past decade, tech organizations have strived for some sort of blameless incident post-mortem process but learning from incidents is more than just one meeting. Learning from incidents helps us move away from solely looking to reduce errors but to generate insights about the work we do which in turn leads to performance improvements. How we learn from incidents though depends on many things; what works for one company may not work for all after all! In this talk, I will walk you through the “Howie” post-incident process; a set of tools designed to complete an incident investigation and provide guidelines to help you figure out which parts may work best for you depending on your needs and resources!



Vanessa Huerta Granda

Vanessa is a Solutions Engineer at Jeli helping companies make the most of their incidents. Previously, she led Resilience Engineering at Enova where she focused on their Production Incident process, ...