The Synchronization of Chaos

As we’ve moved from monoliths to microservices, we’ve seen the benefits of decoupling services, such as increased developer velocity and more maintainable code. Service independence was also supposed to lead to more reliability, but cascading failures seem more common than ever. Why does this happen and how can we solve it?

In the field of Chaos Theory, there’s a phenomenon where disparate chaotic systems will become synchronized over time when connected to each other. This is known as the Synchronization of Chaos.

In this session, I’ll dive into Chaos Theory and studies in synchronicity to draw out observations that will help us better understand our complex technical systems. I’ll also share best practices you can adopt to avoid cascading failures and major incidents.



Jason Yee

Jason Yee is Director of Advocacy at Gremlin where he helps companies build more resilient systems by learning from how they fail. He also helps lead the internal Chaos Engineering practices to make ...