What I Have Learned Scaling Serverless First at Liberty Mutual

Serverless first is a growing initiative, but what exactly does this look like in enterprise? How do we scale serverless for thousands of developers? Liberty Mutual has garnered much praise for our rapid adoption of well-architected serverless solutions to deliver customer value. Our was even included in the Re:Invent 2021 technical keynote. As a senior software engineer for serverless enablement at Liberty Mutual, I will share my unique perspective on the following:

  • How to get started with a serverless enablement team
  • What worked, including pattern development, documentation efforts, our support model, enabling constraints, building a serverless community, and educating our tech leads
  • What could be improved, including day 2 pattern usage, cloud education at scale, resource provisioning, consistency and reuse at scale, cloud experimentation, and gaining “buy in” from technical leaders
  • Where we are headed next

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of what a serverless enablement team looks like, how to build or grow their own, and how to provide the best possible support for serverless developers.



Kristi Perreault

Kristi Perreault is a Senior Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where her focus is serverless development and enablement. She has over 4 years of industry experience, holds an M.S. in ...