DevOps Anecdotes

DevOps is much more than just a collection of tools. It is predominantly about people and cultural change. Changing culture and mindset is extremely difficult though. In this talk we will look beyond the Tech industry to seek understanding on how other industries adapted to an ever-changing world that requires fast time to market. We will hear anecdotes from the film industry, sport industry, the military and many more. These findings will be translated into DevOps challenges we face today, and we will hear how to tackle them. After this talk, Tech leaders will be equipped with some deep insights into what a successful DevOps culture looks like and how it can be created throughout all levels of an organisation.



Fabian Basciani

Fabian is an award-winning senior technologist with more than a decade of experience in technology and nearly two decades in the finance industry. He has worked as project manager, business analyst, ...