Building Mastery into your Daily Practice

More people than ever are leaving their companies, not because of salary but because they’ve lost their motivation. One of the key drivers to motivate employees at work is mastery. Mastery of your craft. This talk delves into the 3 levels of Mastery and how you can utilize it to ignite your purpose.

This talk goes deep into what drives people to ’tap dance’ to work. A common misperception is salary, but employees are craving so much more. They want mastery of their craft, whether they are a manager or individual contributor. In this talk I’ll dissect the 3 levels of mastery and how you can integrate mastery into your role every day. 3 Levels of Mastery: 1.) Cognitive Mastery: understand it, 2.) Emotional mastery: feel it, 3.) Physical Mastery: Do it! Consistently, where you embody it and own it in your physiology. You own it! I will weave in stories from work I did at Dojo, an 8 week immersive experience for IT teams that fosters mastery. I will also reference work from the fascinating Dan Pink, Tony Robbins, and George Leonard on how you, too, can build a daily practice of mastery and make your job your calling!



Courtney Heba

Technical wizard at Microsoft supporting Teams, saving the world from Zoom since Aug. 2021. Before Microsoft, I led the e-Commerce scrum teams at Carters | Oshkosh B’gosh, was an Enterprise ...