How to measure customer satisfaction and keep them happy?

As a technical contributor from the Dev, Cloud and Ops world, how should we monitor an application’s reliability and availability in order to ensure that we meet customer’s expectations? What is the customer’s expectation actually? How do we define it? How should we monitor it?

Using an application that we provide in an environment integrated with observability systems, we’ll present and guide everyone through the steps that it takes to identify and define proper Service Level Indicators and Objectives.

In this workshop, here are the questions that we will discuss together:

  • How to put in place significant indicators?
  • How Ops are related to business?
  • How to define and measure relevant service level with SLI/SLO/SLA?
  • How to navigate through the noise generated by the application and infrastructure?
  • What mean the 99.999% reliability?

Audience: DevOps, Dev, Ops, SRE, CloudOps. Technologies: Grafana, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Istio, NGINX, Micrometer.



Kevork Sayad

Client-focused, analytical, and multidisciplinary, Kevork is a senior dev with a passion for automation and simplification in JDK application-based environments (Java, Kotlin) that are integrated ...