Loki Workshop

Join us for this introductory session on Loki. The workshop will include an overview of logs, metrics, and traces correlation of Grafana 8.0 and how they reduce MTTR, key features, best practices, and hands on exercises to help you get the most out of Grafana Loki.

During this workshop you’ll learn about:

What does Loki do? High level of how Loki works, what makes it different, what it’s good at. See a demo of new and updated Loki features so you can learn how to create metrics from logs and alert on your logs with powerful Prometheus-style alerting rules. Hands on exercises focused on logs/metrics/trace correlation and loki query concepts. Attendee prerequisite: This is a beginner’s session and some experience with Prometheus and Kubernetes is a must to enjoy the content.

About Loki Loki is a horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. It is designed to be very cost-effective and easy to operate.



Ward Bekker

Ward Bekker is based out of The Netherlands and works as a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs. As a big fan of the Grafana Loki project, he likes to publish Loki HOWTO video’s on YouTube, share ...stefan-dunkler

Stefan Dunkler

Stefan Dunkler works as a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs out of Austria. He has a history of working in multiple roles in the information technology industry and data management space. He’s ...