How to become a digital nomad without losing your job!!

Have you ever wanted to take the full advantage of your remote job by traveling and exploring different places around the world? Come take a listen to the wild journey of a digital nomad traveling all across the best parts of Canada while still working full time as an engineer at Shopify and spending only 29 thousand dollars a year. I want to help you recreate a similar travel journey for yourself by sharing my philosophy around traveling, working and living a balanced life full of joy and new experiences. Who and Why (Audience)

A Morningconsult survey of 650 tech workers revealed that 48% of tech workers are fully remote and 85% work in a hybrid model of remote/office work. The content in this talk will be applicable to any developer with a partly/fully remote job. My own workplace, Shopify, has roughly 10,000 fully remote employees and we have many channels to share the remote work experience. Aside from that, many companies offer 90 day work from anywhere programs and I would be offering advice on how to make the best out of those programs.


A personal story of how it all started -> Why did I start this journey to explore my country through traveling?
Some statistics on remote work and rise in developer productivity. Along with my personal experiences with improved performance.

Figuring out finances/legal logistics for moving places in Europe and North America. You’ll need to consider - local legislations, - tax laws, - work permits - Research Hack - How to maintain financial security while moving frequently
Finding the best places to stay/coworking spaces to maintain productivity while moving → Working as a tech worker can put a lot of constraints on the places that can support a productive work environment. In this part, I will remodel your search of residence to a much simpler constrained optimization problem using many search tools like airbnb, kjiji, wework, craigslist etc.
Ikigai -> My philosophy on how traveling, working and maintaining the balancing act of relationships.



Arafat Khan

Arafat is a production engineer at who is passionate about using engineering as a means for social good. Aside from work, he has dabbled in many open source projects and loves sharing his ...