Enabling Digital Transformation Through DevOps

DevOps enables Digital Transformation. The synergy is clear; the pillars of digital transformation and the practices of DevOps are closely aligned. I’ll explain in detail how continuous delivery enables digital transformations by streamlining processes and focusing on value to the customers.

When organizations embark on digital transformation initiatives, they often turn to DevOps to increase business value and improve customer experience because the pillars of digital transformation and the practices of DevOps are closely aligned. Yet one of the most important benefits of DevOps brings is the mindset of intersectional innovation. To create something totally new, we must combine different and sometimes disparate ideas and this combination of ideas forms the basis for intersectional innovation. DevOps brings together different skillsets to facilitate the continuous integration process which enables intersectional innovation. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the role of DevOps in digital transformation. We’ll provide an understanding of how DevOps practices enable digital transformations by streamlining processes, eliminating bottlenecks and focusing on value to the customers. Then, drawing on the work of Frans Johansson and others, we’ll show how DevOps teams seemingly disparate skills and experiences create the intersectional innovation that is so critical to digital transformation. Using real-life examples, you will learn how to create the critical intersectional innovation as a DevOps team. You will learn how to look at issues in multiple, unexpected ways in order to eliminate barriers and create true innovation by connecting seemingly unrelated ideas generated by teams of multiple disciplines.



Gerie Owen

Gerie Owen is a QE Architect who specializes in developing and managing test teams. She has implemented various Quality Assurance methodology models, and has developed, trained and mentored new teams ...