Next Generation Functional & Visual Testing powered by AI


The Test Automation Pyramid is not a new concept.

The top of the pyramid is our UI / end-2-end functional tests - which simulate end-user behavior and interactions with the product-under test.

While Automation helps validate functionality of your product, aspects of UX validations can only be seen and captured by the human eye and is hence mostly a manual activity. This is an area where AI & ML can truly help.

With everyone wanting to be Agile, make quick releases, the look & feel / UX validation, which is typically a a manual, slow, and error-prone activity, quickly becomes a huge bottleneck.

In addition, with any UX related issues propping up cause huge brand-value and revenue loss, may lead to social-trolling and worse - dilute your user-base.

In this hands-on workshop, using numerous examples, we will explore:

  • Why Automated Visual Validation is essential to be part of your Test Strategy
  • How Visual AI increases the coverage of your functional testing, while reducing the code, and increasing stability of your automated tests
  • Potential solutions / options for Automated Visual Testing, with pros & cons of each
  • How an AI-powered tool, Applitools Eyes, can solve this problem
  • Hands-on look at Applitools Visual AI and how to get started using it

Prequisities for this workshop



Anand Bagmar


Software Quality Evangelist

Anand is a Software Quality Evangelist with 20+ years in the software testing field. He is passionate about shipping a quality product, and specializes in Product Quality