The SBB BizDevOps Transformation


More than Heavy Metal and SAP – For our core business, we build the majority of software applications in-house and drive the digital transformation. With about 1300 employees, SBB IT department is one of the biggest IT employers in Switzerland. Nowadays we can build on stable interdisciplinary teams who assume end-to-end responsibility for development and operations. At this year’s DevOps Days, SBB CIO Jochen Decker will share his insights into how BizDevOps has evolved through technologies (Cloud, Open Source Tools, etc.) as well as organizational and cultural change.



Jochen Decker



Jochen Decker has been Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a member of the SBB Management Board since 2021. With SBB since 2008, Jochen Decker is member of the Management Board of SBB IT