Circling back to the foundation - from CALMS to KALMS

One of the most overlooked advantages of the devops movement is its cultural aspects. Blameless, joint ownership, knowledge-sharing… things we all consider common-sense.

But I see less discussions around burnout, humanops and the “people side” of devops at the expense of more and more discussions around platform teams, SRE, Observability, Helm Charts, Decentralization…

Do we need to circle back and refresh the foundational aspect of devops?

After COVID, I’ve seen more and more cases of isolation, burnout, layoffs and uncertainty. So I’d like to revisit the Culture part of CALMS and bring how Kindness should be the active common sense.



Thiago de Faria


Thiago is a Hands-on AI/ML Cloud Architect with 15+ years of experience. Enough for him to remember when SVMs were the hot stuff, data science was not a thing, and we called AI/ML “statistical