Become A Person Of Influence

If you want to become successful in the business world, you will need a lot more than technical knowledge. Whether your career stagnates or takes off depends on whether you learn to become a person of influence.

Why do some people get noticed as high potentials and why do others not? What makes some people good at getting support for their ideas, and others not? How come some people are taken more seriously than others in meetings? The answer lies in your ability to capture the trust and respect of those you are talking to.

Many people view charisma, personal leadership and people skills as something you were either born with or not. But that’s not true. In this workshop you will become acquainted with the 5 aspects that make a charismatic leader. Each aspect contains a specific series of skills, and in the workshop you will find out that anyone who is interested can learn and master them.

In this interactive and thought-provoking 3 hour workshop you will learn how to capture the attention of the person or people you are talking to so they see you as a serious partner.

Note Only 30 people can participate in this event



Julia Sullivan


This is what is written on the back of my book “Geeks Guide To Work” (Rethink Press, 2021, shortlisted in the personal development category of the UK Business Book Of The Year Awards 2022)