Come and play! Learn how to deal with resistance!

Resistance is everywhere. It’s within your team, it’s with your manager, it’s within your relationship, and everywhere you look, there’s always some kind of resistance. Now, this isn’t perse a bad thing, resistance is just one phase of change. Insecurity, resistance, anger, joy, and happiness are all part of the change. It just depends on where someone is in that change process and that will determine the emotion.

We’ve created a serious game that lets you experience the different phases of change. To go from a fixed mindset (resistance) to a growth mindset (motivated and joyful) in less than an hour. And we’ll also give you some background theory about the different phases of resistance.



Mark Heistek


Mark has first-hand experience leading (large) organizations through the agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation.

He provides the training and services that companies need to successfully


Stephan Heistek

Stephan Heistek, a former renovation professional, has transitioned to focus on hypnotherapy. With a background in renovation and a passion for helping others, Stephan combines his skills to