How to run production like Google (An SRE Approach)

This is an SRE Jumpstart workshop where I will talk about how Google keeps to run services like Search and Gmail all the time with almost no downtime.

I will discuss on what SRE is and how it related and diffrenciates from DevOps and introduce the audience to concepts like SLA,SLO,SLI, Error Budgets, Risk Management, Incident Management, and how to work with the SRE culture and psychological safety and how a companyś culture is extremely important in running huge servers.

I will also talk about how Developers and DevOps go hand in hand in the SRE culture and how streamlined the process can become once we have some mathematical formulae and numbers for our server´s uptimes.



Rushil Sharma


I am Rushil and I love video games :D movies and science fiction a lot, and one of the many reasons why I love technology so much. I have been working in tech for over a decade and have previously