Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kubernetes DR

Kubernetes is transforming containerized app management, but it brings data protection challenges. HA isn’t enough for true DR; continuous availability is key. This session covers K8s data protection basics and emphasizes the importance of including stateless apps in data protection strategies.

Just as space travel transforms the way we understand our universe, Kubernetes is revolutionizing the way we manage and deploy containerized applications. However, it’s not totally safe exploring the unknown! Many organizations are finding this new frontier comes with data protection challenges. While Kubernetes includes some features for high availability, true disaster recovery (DR) requires continuous availability.

This session will teach the basics of data protection for Kubernetes and why it is so important-now more than ever- to tailor your organization’s data protection strategy to include these stateless applications. This session touches on what is driving the adoption of containerized applications and how Kubernetes has become the de facto orchestration tool. We clearly define the differences between disaster recovery, fault tolerance, high availability and how features inherent to Kubernetes are challenged in meeting the needs of data protection and migration. Finally, this session wraps up with key things that should be considered from a next-generation disaster recovery solution.