Diving in the deep end of Data

If the global technology infrastructure was a body, then data would be the blood pumping through the various parts. With the demand for data being at an all-time high, and the supply being endless, how can you make data work for you? How can you control the narrative of your storytelling and not allow data to work against your desired goal?

Journey into the realm of data as we explore its transformative potential for cities and the small businesses that thrive within them. In this session, I will present a few micro-case studies and discover how harnessing the power of data has the remarkable ability to revolutionize cities, empower local businesses, and showcase my personal journey of leveraging data from an entrepreneurial perspective. Don’t miss this thought-provoking session that will redefine how we perceive and utilize data to shape the future of our communities.



Donald Lilley

Donald has been working as an IT professional for over 15 years with responsibilities ranging from network and security infrastructure support to the setup and execution of large-scale events ...