What kids can teach us about building effective teams

Have you ever noticed that working with children and building teams have striking similarities? In this (hopefully humorous) talk I’ll talk about work we do around early child education @work and draw parallels to skills I am looking for in my engineers

At Teaching Strategies we help create learning environment for children to assess and support their needs through formative years. We take a whole-child educational approach – giving educators a framework to assess each child’s across multiple developmental areas, including literacy, cognitive, physical and social-emotional, among others. But sometimes, the traits and outcomes we see in kids can (and should) be translated to adults to help inform some of the decisions made in building effective and collaborative teams. In this talk I’ll cover a few key areas is which we all can learn from children.



Leon Fayer

Leon is a veteran technologist with over two decades of expertise focused on developing, architecting, and operating complex systems in support of organizational growth. Over the years, he’s had ...