The Kids Are Alright: Lessons Learned From Teaching A Kindergarten Coding Class

Nothing humbles you faster than talking about something you think you know with a child.As a SE,I thought I knew how to write code.However after teaching a coding class with Kindergarteners,I found this was not the case.This session will discuss things I learned about code (and life!) in this class.

I’ve learned that nothing humbles you faster than talking about things you think you know with children. As a Software Engineer, I was fairly confident that I knew what was important about writing code and I was happy to share that knowledge while volunteering to teach a class to a group of Kindergarteners. What I learned next, was that I was very very wrong. What I showed up to this class with was a plan, however what I left with was a set of lessons: for becoming a better developer, for helping to grow better teams, and for being a better person in general. During this session I’ll discuss these lessons and what we can all take away from them to make our jobs (and the world!) a better place.