Getting Started with Istio Ambient Mesh: An Interactive Workshop

Istio is the most widely used service mesh platform in the world. In September 2022, Google and announced the release of Istio Ambient Mesh to the community. Ambient offers a revolutionary data-plane architecture that allows service mesh users to ditch sidecars. It slashes operational complexity and enables incremental mesh adoption, all while reducing cost and computational overhead within a service mesh.

This interactive workshop provides a hands-on tour of the new Ambient capabilities, including: • Mesh on-boarding without sidecars • Layer 4-7 authorization policies • Layer 7 observability • Fault injection • Traffic shifting

Each session participant will have access to their own sandboxed Kubernetes environment hosted on the Instruqt platform. A Solo-sponsored, Credly-managed “Foundation for Ambient Mesh” badge will be issued to workshop participants who choose to take and pass a free certification exam offered at the end of the session.



Jim Barton

Jim Barton is a Field Engineer for whose enterprise software career spans 30 years. He has enjoyed roles as a project engineer, sales and consulting engineer, product development manager, and ...