Operate Multi-Tenancy Service Mesh with ArgoCD in Production

Service meshes offer a breadth of benefits from securing to adding reliability to gaining visibility into your applications. However, as you start to scale your environment and start onboarding different teams or applications into the mesh you run into challenges of tenant isolation in terms of configuration management, resource consumption and security. What is the difference between soft multi-tenancy and hard multi-tenancy? Which one fits best for you? In this session, Lin who is a founding member of Istio will present how to achieve soft multi-tenancy and hard multi-tenancy with Istio service mesh and roll it out to your teams or applications with ArgoCD in production along with live demos.



Lin Sun

Lin is the Director of Open Source at Solo.io and a CNCF ambassador. She has worked on Istio service mesh since 2017 and serves on the Istio Technical Oversight Committee. Previously, she was a Senior ...