Banishing Burnout: It's Time to Thrive at Your Workplace!

Thriving Teams: Preventing and Banishing) Burnout for your Team

Does your company culture lead to burnout? Is burnout getting in the way of your team or organization being successful? Burnout is real and results in decreased employee engagement, lower productivity, higher absenteeism and greater turnover. With 76% of employees experiencing burnout (Gallup, 2019) even before the pandemic, burnout is a workplace crisis. Learn to help you and your team confront burnout’s effects head on. We’ll dive into its role in quiet quitting, decreased employee engagement, lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and greater turnover, and I’ll also share proven tactics to keep burnout at bay.


  • Figure out how to lean into your strengths to decrease burnout
  • Learn about burnout’s consequences on employees
  • Master how to spot potential burnout in yourself and your team
  • Concrete steps to decrease burnout and stay motivated at work
  • Learn how to instill a sense of wellbeing for all in your workplace



Colleen DelVecchio

Colleen is the Chief Strategist and Owner at Maxady LLC with a passion for empowering individuals and businesses to leverage their strengths, increase equity & inclusion, and navigate increasingly